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The dog's done his bit. Your job is to find out what he's left behind.

For years Joe Shyllit has struggled, like all dog owners, with sometimes having trouble finding his dog's poo. A dog's poo can hide almost anywhere.


If he just couldn't find it, Shyllit would either do a fake pick-up or steel his nerves and walk away — a crime punishable by deathly dirty looks. Dog owners are a tough bunch.


One day Shyllit decided that he would take photographs of the places where he could not find the poo but knew it was there. And so Find the poo was born, an odor-free challenge to find the poo in 22 sharp color photographs.


Driveway gravel, autumn leaves, tree bark, red stones, roots, undergrowth, dappled sunlight, tiny pine cones — all are hiding a contribution from Shyllit's 10-year-old cockapoo, Farfel.


Unlike real life, however, the answers are at the back of the book. Consider them training for the next time you walk your dog.


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