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Joe Shyllit graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1974, where he was awarded the G.A. Reid Scholarship in Communication and Design. Joe began his advertising career as an art director for some of Canada's top advertising agencies.


It was at McConnel Advertising where Joe met his writing partner, Jerry Kuleba. They formed Kuleba and Shyllit Creative Consultants and went on to enjoy a close, personal business relationship, creating and producing some of Canada's most memorable advertising campaigns.


Over the next 30 years, their work won many prestigious advertising awards, both in Canada and internationally in Switzerland, France, Germany and the United States. 


When Jerry Kuleba passed away in 2015, Joe decided to revisit his roots in illustration and design. He created the mixed media series Knowhereman, exploring the directions, misdirections, choices, and havoc that all of our lives take on.


Find the poo is Joe's latest project, this time with a new collaborator: his dog Farfel. Joe and Farfel live in Toronto.


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